Anhydrous Ammonia Tanks

General Specifications

  • All tanks are made in America at the Fremont, Ohio, plant and shipped directly from that location
  • Stringently manufactured to the requirements of the ASME code for your safety
  • Engineered roll-over cage with heavier steel and greater accessibility to valves
  • Roll-over cage mounted on welding pads for maximum strength and is field repairable
  • 30% more working clearance from liquid withdrawal valve and safety handle
  • Seal welded stainless steel data plate mounted on pads and away from hose connections for longer life
  • Superior leg design that is stronger, field repairable, mounted on a welding pad
  • Precise fit before weld with 100% x-ray of long-seam welds
  • Advanced powder paint coating to resist exterior corrosion
  • All tanks are fully stress relieved to help alleviate stress corrosion
  • All tanks are vacuum purged
  • Standard tanks are shipped with stainless steel float gauges, water bottle attachments, and two drain plugs
  • A three-year limited warranty is in place along with the largest, most experienced sales and support team