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Quality Steel is a manufacturer of ASME domestic propane tanks and does not claim expertise on the handling of propane gas. Propane gas can be very dangerous and should only be handled by a licensed propane dealer and adequately trained personnel. If you are experiencing any problems with your propane tank, it is important that you contact your propane supplier for possible emergency instructions.

Q: What do I do if I have a leaking tank?

A: Any time a leak is suspected, you should contact your propane dealer immediately to report the leak and receive safety instructions. Keep persons away from the tank and make sure no flames, sparks or open sources of ignition occur near the tank.

Q: Can I buy a tank directly from Quality Steel?

A: No. Quality Steel is only authorized to sell propane tanks to licensed propane dealers. www.usepropane.com for more info.

Q: Can I purchase a tank from a licensed propane dealer?

A: Although many dealers will sell a tank to individuals, Quality Steel does not recommend this. Our warranty is not transferable and only covers tanks sold to the original purchaser. If you purchase a tank from a dealer, the warranty is voided and any claims should be directed back to the dealer who sold you the tank.

Q: How do I locate a propane dealer in my area?

A: There are several different methods we recommend. First, try the Propane Fill Station Locator link provided by www.usepropane.com -- our industry's largest Internet community. If this does not help, consult your area yellow pages under "GAS COMPANIES" OR "GAS - PROPANE AND NATURAL," or contact the National Propane Gas Association. If you continue to have problems locating a dealer in your area please call us at 1-800-345-2495 or contact us and we will to help you locate one.

Q: What should be done if the float gauge is stuck?

A: If you feel that your float (fuel) gauge is not operating correctly, contact your propane dealer for service.

Q: I need to purchase a tank for my gas grill. Can Quality Steel supply this?

A: No. Quality Steel only manufactures and sells tanks used for entire homes and businesses...the smallest size is 120 gallons. A new and popular method for obtaining a gas bottle is through exchange programs at many gasoline stations, convenience stores, and supermarkets. If this service is not available to you, please consult your nearest propane dealer.

Q: Where can I find about propane gas, its properties and usage?

A: Please visit the National Propane Gas Association site for detailed information on propane www.npga.org. You will also find many links there including a link to your state's Propane Gas Association. National Propane Gas Assoc.www.npga.org

Q: Where can I store the propane tank for my gas grill?

A: Quality Steel does not manufacture the type of propane cylinders used for gas grills. However, like all other fuel storage devises, they should be stored outside or in a well-ventilated area, at a safe distance away from any source of ignition. If you have any problem with a tank, contact your propane supplier, the cylinder manufacturer or your gas grill supplier immediately.